Position Paper: High school Dropouts

What my group did was we made signs that give detail on dropping out and we also made interactive signs that you can pull a slip off of like one of thought guitar lesson flyers with the number on the little tab, we made QR codes on our flyers that lead us to our website. We placed these flyers all over the school in places that we assumed that people would look and we also got pictures of people reading our signs. The website has great detail on high school drop outs and reasons not to drop out with out, the website is nicely designed i believe but that is just my opinion, everything on the site is convenient and everything is where it's suppose to be, and all the links go to the right places.

Another thing we have is the survey, the survey asked important questions. asking if you know some one who dropped out or if you did drop out what grade where you in. the survey I believe made a big impact because i sent it to every one in my gmail list and I posted a link on Facebook, twitter, and I made sure people saw it. I also posted a link to the website on those sites i've just mentioned. The survey was well organized, there wasn't any spelling errors, the design wasn't too bland or too popping, it was a standard design nothing too spacial about it.

The slogan is what i made i made a couple of them than i picked the one i liked the best witch is "If you drop out of school, you're dropping of your future" I like this one because it's inspirational and i thought it was more thought out than the others, and it makes sense. The quote is in one of the interactive flyers at the top of the page, in a nice font that is big and noticeable at the top of the page, so it catches your eyes. it's long and short i have to say it looks kind of skinny but besides that, it looks good, there are no misspellings on any of the flyers, and there isn't any spacing errors either. 

What I learned during this project is that most of the people who drop out of high school, usually are 9th graders, I don't know what it might be because of a big change, meeting new people harder work, it all depends on the person. and not a lot of people drop out there senior year it's the most early and the least late.