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  This is my post for change for Animal Cruelty. Since I deeply care about this subject I wanted to do something to put the word out there.  In my last two blogs I explained serious cases of animal cruelty and types of animal cruelty. I explained how abuse was not the only kind of abuse and that neglect was a serious from of abuse as well. What I did for my change is that I made a video/commercial to put the word out that there are animals that need help. My video is for animals in the SPCA who needs to be adopted. My video explains that you can help by adopting or donating which could easily save the lives of these animals in need. My plan was to show not only put this video on the SLA (ScienceLeadershipAcademy) home page but, to show it to my advisory to further spread the word on Animal Abuse.

I just wanted to say that you can make a difference in animal lives and that if you see abuse don’ t be scared to report it because that’s why animals are abused.

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-I wanted to thank my friend Haji for giving me the idea of talking about the Aspca and my student teacher Emma that helped me figure out an idea for my original content (video).


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