Process Paper:

The moment I read who was in my group I was excited. Everyone in my group works very well together. We understood each other and never lost our temper. The day after got out projects, Ms. Pahomov told us to write down our strengths and weaknesses and share them with the group. The strength that I shared was that I do all my work early. The other people in my group are the same way and we connected on that. We all have worked in terrible groups before. This lead us to our weakness. Most of us said that we tend to just do all of the work. Doing all the work yourself and knowing that it correct is easier than trusting others to do your work. That was something that we all had to work on. 

When we were dividing the work we tried to make it as even as possible. We eventually came to the conclusion that we were all going to do anything together and truly collaborate. This was a big step for us, individually, within doing group work. We all stepped out of our comfort zone and trusted each other. This helped us to grow as a group. 

With the actual project, we decided to make a blogger because we could track the traffic that we got on the blog. We also created a QR code. We put that QR code everywhere. Above the QR code we had the phrase “ Free Money! Scan Me! Although it is technically false advertising we got more views this way. ALso, I followed up with some of the people who viewed the blog. Our goal with this project was to change the way teenagers view homeless people and homelessness. One of the viewers on the blog told me that she had a new perspective. She doesn’t just think of homeless people as addicts but as people who don’t have the money to support themselves. Knowing that we changed the mindset of at least one person was the greatest reward.