Process Paper

My group made 3 components to our campaign which was a website, Facebook page, and Youtube video. In this project, I was in charge of the Youtube video. When I first visioned, the video, I wanted it to stick out and to reach out to people’s mind. Producing the video though wasn’t that difficult but wasn’t easy either. Since I knew what my other group members was doing and what they was putting in they’re components, it was easy for me to know how I was going to form my video. But when I was putting my video together, I was kind of working backwards. I put together the ending and the middle pieces before working on the beginning because I knew actually what I wanted to do with the end, so I thought that I would get that out of the way. The only thing that I’ll say that went wrong was my idea that I had for my video.

At first I was having difficulties trying to find an idea on what to do with the video. My original layout for the video was to have pictures that I took with the “Do Not Cross” tape in front of schools. Then I was going to have the students give their views and have slides that says what was happening with the school closings and how the students could save their schools from closing. However, things don’t always go according to plan. It was difficult trying to get students to say what they thought because those who me and my group knew didn’t want to participate and cooperate with us. They said that they didn’t care about the fact that their schools were closing. With this I had to come with another plan, I then decided to just have voice overs with the schools that was going to close. I just took people who were at SLA and asked them if they could just say “Save my school” and recorded that. Another challenge was trying to get my hands on some “do not cross tape”. I wasn’t sure where to get a roll from other than a police officer. Instead I took some pictures that was on google that showed schools with “do not cross” tape. In all I don’t think that the process of designing that bad as I had thought but it could have been way better if I was able to get all my ideas in the video. 

After I had made the video and put it on Youtube, I was wondering how was people would know that it exist. I decided that I would post the link of the Youtube video on our Facebook page so that those who liked the page could go and watch it. I also decided to email people saying to check the video out. The challenge though was actually getting people to actually look at the video. So I would sometimes tell those who had kids that looking at the video can benefit both them and their kids. And for teens I would tell them that they wouldn’t lose their schools and wouldn’t have to go find another one. 

Working on this video was both interesting and time consuming because one, I got to see how many people actually took their time to look and like my video even though it did take time to complete it. I think that taking the time to actually plan out the video and see what could work and what couldn’t was the most challenging through the whole process. And it would be nice to know if some people actually took the advice.