Q2 Benchmark ETO

  • What was the assignment?  
    For the quarter 2 part of this year, we were learning how to talk about our daily routine. At the end of the quarter, we were assigned this project. We had to make a video and describe our day.
  • What did you enjoy about this project?  
    I got to get together with my family and act out my day.


  • What did you learn about yourself after mapping out your daily routine?  
    I wake up very early. My daily routine just repeats itself and changes on the weekend. It was fun writing it out.

  • What skills did you acquire related to the Spanish language?
    I learned the different parts of my house. I also learned how to use the verb form of the words/vocabulary.

  • How did you use each of the 5 core values in completing this project?
    Inquiry: We talked and asked about how we spend our days.
    Research: I searched up the vocabulary words and learned them in order to do this project.
    Collaboration: We did a lot of peer and teacher edits.
    Presentation: We are doing indiviual presentations.
    Reflection: I am currently doing my reflection.

  • If you could do this over for the purpose of improving your final product, how would you change it or what would you add to it?
    I would like to add music and more pasos.

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