Q2 History BM

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We chose this topic because it was easy to explain about and it really was important to us as voters and as women. I liked how the project gave us a free reign to make the video however we wanted, although I found it challenging that it was supposed to be a video. My group had three people in it and getting us to share the work equally was very difficult because there is no place online that lets us all share and edit together. The most interesting fact that we learned was that the final vote for women's suffrage came down to one man and that, that one man was very whipped by his mother. This project could be improved by making the time limit shorter because 5-8min of video is a lot of video. We ran into trouble with this video when it came to editing time because we had to do all the exports and imports and sharing onto a flash drive then give it to someone else then do it again so that everybody could do an equal amount of work. I thought that our teamwork went very well, I was in a good group that pulled their weight and we worked very well as a team. If I had to do it over I would change the way we went about creating the video. The video itself could have been better with more angles and shots to get all of our full faces in it, we could have probably gone about editing the video in a better way and you could clearly see that we were reading from a script. I learned more about women's history and more about myself with regards to how I feel our our government and our government in the past.