Q3 Art Reflection

photo (12)
photo (12)
a. What do you feel like you accomplished with your final drawing?  (keeping the rubric in mind. 20pts. - back wall, 20pts. side wall, 20pts. ceiling, 20pts. floor, 20pts. table/chair = 100pts.

I feel like I accomplished a lot of the requirements, but, I am not that happy with my tops of the windows and my table and stools I think could have been a little better.

b. What would you change or differently if you could do this project again?

If I could do this project again, I would use my time better and I would do the larger part first of the drawing and then add the details.

c. Find a drawing on the wall that you think is successful. Describe it. Why is it successful?

The drawing is finished, the majority of the lines are drawn over with pen, the other pencil lines that are not drawn over are erased, the lines are straight, the stools and the table are outlined and colored. This picture is successful because it fits all of the requirements and some that were not really needed.

d. What did you learn about one point perspective?

I learned that up is down, down is up, left is right, and right is left when it comes to the vanishing point and the horizon line.