Q4 benchmark Storytelling Joseph Tartaglia: Interplanetary Travle

  • What did you set out to do?
What my original plan was to make a very visually stimulating video based off the hit song "good times" by chic. and it turned out being partway that, i wanted a story type of feel to it, so what i did was rapped a story over the good times beat, than introducing the conflict of the alien, i was making this thinking that a lot of people would enjoy it and i believe they would

  • How does your work incorporate the art of storytelling?

They way it shows storytelling is because the conflict of the story comes from two people that are from different places and have different experiences they argue at first but it turns out the way you look at it is that although you are from somewhere else, you can find something in common, and the way it came to a similarity is that they are both not from earth, and that is the conclusion of the story as told

  • What do you hope your audience gains from your work?
I hope that they enjoy the video as well as the point i am trying to make in it and that is every body should get along, no matter the differences. and i want them to understand that the first time watching and not have to watch it three times to get the point

  • What did you gain from doing this work.
I gained experience with music, video editing, writing, song writings, my speech developing from rapping as well.

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