Qu tiempo hace? Whats the weather like?

This lesson will teach you how to say what the weather is like and how to pronounce it. This can be very useful when someone asks you what the weather is like.

¿Qué tiempo hace?

What’s the weather like?

Hace calor. (it’s hot)Está nublado. (it’s cloudy)
Hace frío. (it’s cold)Está húmedo. (it’s humid)
Hace sol. (it’s sunny)Está lloviendo. (it’s raining)
Hace viento. (it’s windy)Está nevado. (it’s snowing)

Hace calor.                                  Está nublado.
Ace-ca-lor                                   Es-ta-nu-bla-do                                            

Hace frío.                                     Está húmedo.    
Ace-fri-o                                      Es-ta-u-med-o                                                     

Hace sol.                                    Está lloviendo.
Ace-sol                                        Es-ta-jo-vi-en-do                           

Hace viento.                                 Está nevando.
Ace-bien-to                                  Es-ta-ne-van-do                            

Here's a video below to show you how the weather is being used in a real life situation. This is Eamon the weather man, he is going to tell you the 7 day forecast. Click the link below to view video. 

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