Quarter 2 BM. 4th Amendment

Uyen Nguyen, Natasha Ashby and Amaris Romero

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Uyen Nguyen 

D band


As a group, Natasha, Amaris and I decided to touch on the 4th Amendment to privacy rights and especially the student's privacy rights in school because this is something that's affecting others students compare to what we're dealing with as a special program at Science Leadership Academy. Although it's a really big issue for us because we are starting to getting into the zone of dealing with privacy rights that others are dealing with at their school. Since we're the only school without metal detectors and we have our own system of privacy rights, it was really important for us to know about other's rights as well as what will happen to us if we are being enforce to the rules that the District is giving to us. Therefore, we decided to go out to different school for an investigation as well as get to know about the similarity and differences between our community and the Districts community. 

While going along in the project, we've learned more about our 4th Amendment better and get to know about the affects from it. Not only that but we get to experience what other teenagers have to face at their own school since we do not run on the same system as theirs. It was really surprising for us because we are one of the most luckiest community that does not have to face the privacy protection and searches as of to other schools. 

Although we did get to stick with out plans on visiting other school and community to seek out for opinions as well as experiences. We did run into a lot of trouble because people were having issues with answering our questions, many did not have time to give us a summary of what we need to know. Also it was harder to schedule with other schools since they have a harder rule system than what we have here at SLA. We were also having problem with putting the whole documentary together due to the lack of Cspans footage we were able to find that will touch on our topic. We also have trouble with cutting out many opinions in the interview and picked out the right one for the documentary. 

Over all the project went really well because we were able to work together as a team all the way till the end and as well as getting everything we needed for the video. However, if we were going to do this project again I would suggest that as a group we could have spend a little more time on this video, if we get to visit more schools and get more opinions on this topic than it would have been one informative documentary. It was wonderful feeling to work on this project and learn new things.