In class we watched a video to promote bullying awareness. It was about a kid getting bullied by a group of kids and you watched them do mean stuff to him, but there was a twist. You could press an eye emoji and change the scenario so that the kids would be nice to him i stead of bullying him. What this video brings to my mind in reference to bullying is that it happens everyday and to a lot of people and we need to be more aware of it to stop it. Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you see e getting bullied go help them and stand up for them, because if your doing nothing your just making the situation worse. Who I am online is a student of SLA, a gamer, someone who likes to watch YouTube, and a user of Facebook, but I appear as a student of SLA that posts blogs, a Facebook user, and a soccer player that has his own website. I think people perceive me as a smart and athletic individual which I think is good. The goal of internet trolls is to cause you pain over the internet by bullying you or annoying you which then gives them pleasure from doing. You see a lot of these trolls in gaming which is why you have the option to mute people online in almost all games now. The positive results of online anonymity are that nobody can find out personal stuff about you that they can use against you or to make fun of you because they don't know your true identity,the negative results of online anonymity are basically the same in the sense that nobody know who this person who's being rude or bullying people is since he has a fake name most likely, so they can't really stop him.

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