Revolution Benchmark

In this unit we covered numerous topics on Revolutions, first focusing more on the French Revolution. We got a perspective on what it would be like to be in the Revolution with the role-play and were challenged to think like the characters assigned to us, despite our personal opinions. After the French Revolution we focused more on modern Revolutions (Venezuela, Arab Springs, Ukraine) and we were able to do our own research. Throughout the unit I learned numerous things, not just about revolutions that happened or are happening now.  I learned about what makes a revolution, and how to carry through a successful Revolution.

For instance, taking advantage of the internet, getting lots of people involved but have a small group for people who are more involved. One of the larger things I learned was to approach with peace, although violence is a way to show your feelings, it just causes more injury and death. When people are approached with peace they don’t feel threatened, and they are more open to the idea of negotiation.  

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