Revolution Guidebook Project

In this unit of study, in my world history class, we started to learn about revolutions. How the mass of citizens were fed up with their system, how their government had cheated them from opportunity, and took the chance to start a revolution. We learned the causes of revolutions, the personal stories of people in revolutions, and explored different revolutions in different time periods. 
During my learning of this project, I became more aware of today's revolutions, and how the world isn't as "perfect" on other's people's end, as it seems to me, in my own country and government. I've become more aware in the news about the politics in the government, where there aren't a lot of rights. This unit has helped to be more aware of the social injustice in some countries.

The following is a digital story about how individuals have power in revolutions. 

Comments (2)

Jasmin Gilliam (Student 2016)
Jasmin Gilliam

This was awesome! You used a lot of propaganda techniques and it worked really well to get your point across. Like the way you repeat individuals throughout the video

Sydne Hopkins-Baker (Student 2016)
Sydne Hopkins-Baker

I like how you spoke slow and clear in your video. Some of your pictures are a little unclear but I can still get what you're talking about. How do you feel about Egypt's Revolution? Do you think it could have been a lot less violent?