Revolution Guidebook Project

In the third marking period of world history, we learned about revolutions. We learned what causes them, what you need for a successful revolution, and we also learned about different revolutions that occurred in the last couple of years. We talked about the effect previous revolutions may have had on future ones, and learned that the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square taught a lot of people the do's and dont's for a revolution they may want to plan.
 For example, the people of Ukraine said that they learned the protest is not over once the corrupted leadership is out of power, it is really only the beginning. Next you have to establish the government you want and wait awhile until you see things operating how you want them too. The point of a revolution is too see change, and in no circumstance should you leave before you see drastic improvements. People help others in ways if they realize it or not. Some one is always watching you too see what you do and try to improve on it. And as more countries decide to have revolutions, more people gain freedom and are no longer oppressed.

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