Saamir Baker Capstone

For my capstone, I decided to create the College Access Leadership (CAL) program at SLA Beeber. ​This program creates an additional bridge between advisories, advisors and college counselors by having a student from each senior advisory work as an intern for a band every other day. The interns or CALS do presentations for their advisories to relay information from the college office to the seniors. The reason why I decided to make this my capstone is I thought it has been a very productive program throughout my time as a CAL myself so when I discovered that SLA Beeber didn't have this program I knew that this would be the thing for me to tackle.


"College Now | Leaders in College Access & Completion." College Now Greater Cleveland. Accessed January 24, 2018.

This is a successful peer college mentoring program that is established in Cleveland, Ohio. I wasn't sure how effective of a source this would be for me at first but then I realized that it is really effective. It shows how to really run an effective program, and gives data on their success rates running this program

Chajet, Lori. "“We’re All in It Together”: the Role of Youth Leadership in College Access ." The Role of Youth Leadership in College Access . Accessed January 24, 2018.

"Preliminary data, conducted as part of an internal program evaluation, suggest that the SSCs are increasing the numbers of students engaging in and completing the college process: in 2009-2010, more than 70 percent of seniors at two of the sites applied to six or more colleges (there are no data yet on the third site)" This is interesting that with the implementation of this program for New York students by this school teacher the amount of applications to college went up as well as the amount of students that are even engaging in the college process that just goes to show that program implementation like these help kids out with the process.

CONSORTIUM ON CHICAGO SCHOOL RESEARCH. "From High School to the Future: Potholes on the Road to College." March 2008. Accessed January 25, 2018.

The University of Chicago did a research on the life of a high school student and the many bumps on the road that they encounter throughout their high school career and gearing up for the college application process. This is a really great insight into seeing what resources people applying to college will need, and allows me to see how the process is different for people that aren't me or from SLA.

Flyer used for CAL awareness in Beeber