School District Process Paper Rbracy

We were assigned the Philadelphia's issue of the school closings, and how this is a problem in the community. The Save Our School Campaign we, was directly designed and produced to inform the teen's over social networks about Philadelphia's School District closures. My group and I took the approach of creating knowledge based social networking campaign.   

In my group we assigned each other creative ways to spread our message.Reviewing this campaign's, overall production and effectiveness, the real impact my group made was strong for the 2 day we had promoted it. We had our target set on teen through social networks, we found and told them through our video Facebook like page and website. The Facebook like page, made by Jameaka, supported our want to get teens involved in saving there schools. The page ended up getting multiple of like around 26, we are proud and grateful that those 26 are taking the time to view and look at our campaign. The YouTube video, edited by Tamatha, was effective as it gave the viewer of the video a solution to the problem and communicating this through a visual. This video had 28 views in the two days promoted, this was effective as it also linked two the website and Facebook like page. Finally Amanda and I were assigned to create a website which consisted of our purpose, effective media, and interview to tell our audience.

The campaign was in some ways a success and sometime lack a few small components that could have made a difference. Producing a campaign isn't hard than it may seem as our Campaign, got it's views, but were they the targeted viewers? Getting the campaign's information out there was the hardest part. I felt if my group and I focused on way that teen are attracted too, we could have had our focus audience and had more of a productive campaign. 

The campaign was a success, and with a few small components changed, it could have made the difference that it was supposed to make. Our group did a great job portraying the website YouTube video and Facebook like page. We took in the fact that we may have not reached all our goals, but we can and are able to find the flaws of our project. Overall, I enjoyed working with my group and felt like we used the most productive way to reach and spread information on the school district closings, by using social networks.