I decided to draw all of my Selfies because i wanted to express my creative side, i feel that a picture couldn't help me express what i needed to get though, so i drew one based off of one i saw online, it was very interesting and it defied the laws of logic where the sheep are floating and so are the bricks to the building, i also drew one that represented a struggle i have had in my life, with this witch i have been battling since i was a child, but only a month ago was i able to defeat my enemy, it was a huge impact on my life, so i decided to drawl a selfie of it, the third one shows my love for nature and trees, by drawling a world 100% ran by tree people, making my self in this one, part tree, i got the idea when i was taking a picture of myself near a tree, and i thought, instead of using this picture with me near a tree, why not one of me being a tree. so this is where these self portraits came about.