The Death of the Senses

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Amado Alfaro-Allah (Student 2019)
Amado Alfaro-Allah

I enjoyed your story a lot! your character seemed to be relatable and likable but not so likable that you couldn't see their faults. The plot was very original and it made me think outside of the box. It was fun to imagine it!

Ayala Silverman (Student 2019)
Ayala Silverman

The format of your story was really different and refreshing. I like how the journal entries carried the reader through the story and the character's thoughts and processes.

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

I think that your story was such in a creative format. Also, it was very detailed. It reminded me of Superman because of he slowly found out about his superpowers. Also, he was in the lab when he got his power.

Wedage DeSilva (Student 2019)
Wedage DeSilva

Unique is the word best fit to describe your story. I think that you incorporated the ideas of lab reports which scientists do and the idea of journal entries which gave us an in depth look into the characters mind.

Alexandrea Rivera (Student 2019)
Alexandrea Rivera

Your story was very good! I liked reading your story because I didn't really feel like I was reading a story I felt like I was reading actual journal entries I just picked up! Great job!

Julia Hood (Student 2019)
Julia Hood

I loved your story, the way that you set it up in journal enteries was really interesting. I also just liked the way that it focused on one subject and only her, it was a good way to really show character development. It also was a really unique plot, overall really good job!