Should they be responsible?

This is all about Adolescents, crime, and brain development! Enjoy :) 
Jessica Maiorano
Goldie Robins 


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Sara Nesbitt (Student 2014)
Sara Nesbitt

Really nice how you made your podcast like an experiment with your interviews.

I liked that you added all of the facts about the brain the viewer needed to know to continue to understand the podcast.

What was the most interesting thing you learned?

Rosemarie Knibbe (Student 2014)
Rosemarie Knibbe

I do think that teens make more rash choices but a lot of adults would make the same choice. I think that teens shouldn't get away with crime just because their brains haven't fully developed.

I really enjoyed your podcast, it was easy to listen to. I did the same theme but your approach was creative and I liked it.

What cases have dealt with this topic?

Karly Bornstein (Student 2014)
Karly Bornstein

-My thoughts on this topic is that I think that a majority of the teens would want to take the item without being seen. I don't think it has much to do with the teenage brain and how we think..

-Your podcast was good because you showed enthusiasm and I was able to learn several things in such a short time.

-What have scientists proved with this topic?