STDs in the Teen World

     My name is Jeremiah Cunningham and I am doing a blog about STDs in the teen world. In the world today, Teens have many struggles. From school, home, relationship problems, and responsibility issues. One topic of teenage life that tops all of these is Sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Out of the 12 million cases of STDs, 3 million of those cases are teen cases. That is 25 percent. And when it comes to STDs, America really doesn’t do a good job stressing out the factors, consequences, and how-nots of STDs. This is a main factor as to why teens catch these diseases.

    STDs can affect anyone who is sexually active. The true definition of a STD is a disease or infection that is spread from person to person by sexual intercourse. Anyone can get it no matter gender, race, or income; no one is immune to the disease. Unfortunately, teens are more at risk to catch the disease. Some kids weren’t taught about the risks of sexual intercourse and how to protect themselves.

This disease is more than just risky. It is also an embarrassment, and a deadly disease. It is a serious health issue. If you don’t get checked out or don’t find out you have one, you can do some serious damage to your body and even lead to death. The younger you are, the greater your chances are to getting an STD.  It is very easy to get one too. First off all, you don’t know what the person you get intimate has. 9 times out of 10 the person doesn’t know they have one as well. You can also develop a STD if you involve in intercourse with numerous people. Sexual isn’t is the only way you can get one. You can also get one by touching a cut of someone that has one.

What made me interested in this topic is because lots of people today are infected with this disease. Everyday someone either gets the infection, or they die from it. I sometimes think what i would do if i were to be infected with this disease. It makes me sad to even think of the young men and women who have to go through this everyday. You can’t have sex, or have a kid. It’s crazy how even having sex with one person can get you infected.


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Zoe Siswick (Administrator)
Zoe Siswick

I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that STDs and STIs are a very important issue for teenagers and I hope that you are able to help spread the word. Nice job!

Estefan Carrillo (Student 2015)
Estefan Carrillo

I noticed that you had a lot of information on STDS and you seem passionate about the topic. i wonder why you chose the topic, is there somebody you know that has it? what if you put you bibliography on a google doc instead of on your blog it will look less messy.

Nikki Adeli (Student 2015)
Nikki Adeli

I like that you are shining a topic on this issue. I noticed that your transitions aren't as smooth as I know you can make them so if they were a bit smoother, then the blog will have a much nicer flow. But good job overall!