STDs Or STIs: The New Crisis Of Today's Teens Blog Post #3

Hello people of earth!!! My name is Betty and this is my last blog post on STDs Or STIs (if you prefer). If you click here you’ll see my first blog post on this issue which talks about why I’m discussing and interested in this topic and some information on it. If you click here you’ll see my second blog post on this which is mainly about more new information that I found out about this topic and graphics that show you more about the risks of it.

  But even with all of this the one question that most certainly needs to be answered is What has been done about with and What can we do today to make it better? 

From what I know to raise the awareness of this issue in each school in Philadelphia there is the health class that teaches the  about the causes and effects of STD, HIVs, and AIDs and it is mostly required that every student in the current school must take this class. But as I have researched about this and lately it says in this article that was posted this year on April 16 that lately schools have made little progress in teaching students about these issues. Which I am very disappointed in. I have just recently learned that April was STD awareness month. It says that it was made to call to the attention of young teens about the impact that STDs or STIs can have on you and there are some people that campaigning to raise the knowing knowledge of STDs and the importance of having safe sex

In making a stand and a change I made a collage and two poems that I will print out and post around my school and as my teachers politely if I can hang it up in their rooms. The collage are for the ones that are more images that speaks to them and the poem is for the poem who feel that words are what has more impact and power and will actually read it.

I would like to acknowledge my close friend Yourcenar Destin with the collage and for reviewing my poems.

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Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 9.52.44 AM
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 9.52.44 AM
In these pictures the term Y.O.L.O is a youth slang word in a song by an artist named Drake referring to the saying "You Only Live Once". As you can see within the picture many teens take it the wrong way and end up making a big mistake that can change their life forever.
Please excuse the language within this for it doesn't matter what really matters is the meat and message behind it.
I made collage to reach out an explain the impact STDs can have on a young persons life thought pictures for people who are more about visuals than words.
​Here is two poems. The first poem is what you can easily turn into a song if you like. It tells about the effects and STD can have too. The second one goes into more of a deep emotional term in which STDs take.
Its Called ...

"That one night"

that one night

who knew it could bring such a fright

at the time it felt so nice , so fun

now i have rashes all over my buns  

STD aint got nothing on me , 

STI I have to say goodbye , 

because it happened to my ex

I surly wont be the next

so you say wanna live YOLO  , 

the next place you'll go is a doctors office for herpes oooo 

I hope you take this seriously 

because STDs are a pernicious mystery

Be careful of who your dealing with

for it is like taking the risk of tipping off a cliff

before you get yourself into a mess , 

go to the doctors office and take an STD test 

"It was just for fun"

It was just for fun
nothing wrong
at least that was what i thought
he said he loved me and that i could trust him not matter what
am i Believed him
so Slowly i fell
i fell
down hard
so deep into a pit of darkness
I was so blinded by his sweet words of empty nothingness
i didn't pay attention to where i was falling too
After it was done
After we had sex
I convinced myself it was alright
everything was fine
I used a condom
or so I thought
Something in me told me it was wrong
but i didn't listen
But  just in case i went out
and bought a pregnancy test
And to my failure i was with child
i went to the doctor to see what i could do
and because of my stupidity
I also carried an STD
And because of me
My Baby
Will Have to Suffer with me

I buried my head in my face

Silently crying
 “Oh Lord Save Me”



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Alexa Dunn (Teacher)
Alexa Dunn

Betty, I wonder if the nurse would let you put some of your collages in the nurse's office? If not on the wall, then perhaps in a stack that kids could take?