Stephen and Kenyatta's Alphabet

What you need to know:
1. How many letters are in the spanish alphabet
2. How to pronounce each letter
3. Each letter of the alphabet

1. Alphabet and pronunciations; 
A- a
B- be
C- ce
CH- che
D- de
F- efe
G- ge
H- hache
I- i
J- jota
K- Ka
LL- elle
M- eme
N- ene
O- o
P- pe
Q- cu
R- ere
RR- erre
S- ese
T- te
U- u
V- ve chica
W- doble ve
X- equis
Y- ye
Z- zeta

Comments (6)

Brian Birkmire (Student 2015)
Brian Birkmire

You two should have wrote it by syllables like (em-ay) because if someone sees the letter G, the might pronounce it different then it really sounds - Brian (But its good)