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My slide is about my favorite things to do. My influence for the slide was I had to make one slide about me so I chose some of my favorite things to do. I chose the pictures that represent some of my favorite things to do. 
What I learned:
I changed my slide because it had too many words and the pictures were not the same size. I learned that you shouldn't have a lot of pictures or words when presenting. And don't have water marks on your pictures.
David Leonard copy
David Leonard

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Miles Cruice-Barnett (Student 2016)
Miles Cruice-Barnett

I notice that you sentence is speaking in the future tense. You should put it into the present tense because it is happening now. The pictures do not bleed off of the slide and so they are cut off. They are also not the same size or in alignment with anything.

Anna Sugrue (Student 2016)
Anna Sugrue

I think your new slide makes better use of the space on the slide but I don't believe you kept all of the critiques in mind when making the change. For one, the pizza picture is cut off on the side, and when any picture like that it is better to put the cut off side against the slide edge to make the viewer feel like the slide lives beyond what you can see. The bullet point and text is superfluous because that is a point you will make when presenting the slide. To make the slide more visual interesting, take colors from the pictures you use to color the background to create contrast. You might also want to organize the pictures in a more attractive pattern that helps the viewer move around the slide and understand the point you are trying to get across.