4th Quarter Benchmark

What I liked the most about this project was that I completely got to change history and make my own timeline and events the most challenging thing for me was creating my own primary source documents.  I think the most interesting event I investigated was the the death of Lincoln because I learned and recreated some really interesting things.The individual actions of people impact history in very serious ways because the actions of one person makes other people think and try new things so without the initial action everything else has to be recreated.  

One decision can be extremely influential because every idea has snowballed off of someone else's idea or action so when one person makes a decision it's the starting point for many other ideas. Systemic changes impact the historical record because a system is a body of one, it's a bunch of ideas and decisions so when the system changes something or makes a decision everyone tends to follow which shapes the outcome and future of history.
I think my project could be improved by going into a little more detail during different portions of my video, If I had to redo this project I would map out my video so that it was easier for me to piece the information together.

Here is my SchoolTube link for my documentary film

My public link for my documentary film

Self Made Primary Source Doc