The 10 Minute Extension

Alex, Kaitlyn, Sofia, and Tylier

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Sarah Berg (Student 2019)
Sarah Berg

Author's Intent: They talked about how some of them thought that one of the characters represented fear. They also mentioned the book's relationship with religion and how it was weird that the author chose to include a pastor as a main character but not highlight the influence the pastor had on the other character. In terms of the author's intention, they talked about how it was semi-autobiographical because the author experienced similar events.

Production: This group is great at having a natural conversation while still being able to make points about their interpretations of the book.

Meymey Seng (Student 2019)
Meymey Seng

They were able to address the author's intent clearly with a small summarization that allowed for me to understand the context. Something that I liked about the production is the fact that they connected ideas to one another's comments.

Deja Winfield (Student 2019)
Deja Winfield

intention- it was clear every member of the group had a clear understanding of the book, each pieced that was introduced was clear and concise. the author intention was intertwined within the conversation. nothing was overly pushed.

production- they built off of each other's idea without stomping all over people's opinion. conversation was natural

Matthew Milligan (Student 2019)
Matthew Milligan
  1. I think you guys did a good job of talking about the author's intent in terms of addressing one's fears. I also liked how you guys discussed family roles and dynamics. It was a good detail to talk about the author's personal life and how that contributed to the intent (from reflecting on his memories like you say Ben does).
  2. I think the audio was really clear and smooth, and the conversation had a good flow.
Catherine Long (Student 2019)
Catherine Long
  1. Author's intent was more pronounced at the end, more focusing on the themes of the book. But it was all interesting.
  2. The podcast was a smooth listen, playing music after introductions was a twist that didn't happen in other podcasts.
Amaris Ortiz (Student 2019)
Amaris Ortiz
  1. Author's Intent - I liked Alex's line "killing people is wrong, killing fear is right." It gave the other group members new thoughts about the intent.
  2. Production - I like how you had a podcast format where you introduce yourselves and then have the theme music after. Not a lot of groups did this.
Brendan Hall (Student 2019)
Brendan Hall
  1. They address the author's intent by explaining a scene where a character had no control over what they were and saying and said his soul spoke for him.
  2. I enjoyed how they were able to flow naturally.
Leah Bradstreet (Student 2019)
Leah Bradstreet
  1. I thought this group found the author's intent in the boys' actions in the last section of the book as well as the roles they played and why they played them. They mention an interview with the author and why the characters were brothers and why the book took place so far away.
  2. I liked how this group summarized what had happened in the book to give context, and they gave a lot of back and forth conversation which split up their voice equally.
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo (Student 2019)
Carolina Ortiz-Lugo
  1. The authors intent was interwoven with the events that occurred in the book and I liked the analysis they gave.
  2. I really liked the flow of the conversation and the way that they all had a good understanding of the book.
Colin Taylor-McGrane (Student 2019)
Colin Taylor-McGrane

I feel that your podcast was relatively smooth, felt very human and natural, and each and every one of you contributed heavily to the discussion. However, it was not entirely clear that you guys were talking about the author's intent.

Rebecca Snyder (Student 2019)
Rebecca Snyder

I think they did a good job of expressing general themes in the novel, and themes that came into the most recent reading section. In the end they begin to touch on some of author's intent, but again it was more about themes. Their conversation felt smooth and respectful, there wasn't talking ver eachother and they built off eachothers points very well.

Salsabeel Elbakhadaoui (Student 2019)
Salsabeel Elbakhadaoui

You did a great job explaining the authors intent while summarizing the book and explaining the characters all at each part you felt you should. I enjoyed the music you used in it caught my attention.

Ariana Flores (Student 2019)
Ariana Flores

It's interesting that the author's inspiration for parts of the book was a distant memory about his brothers fighting and how you guys brought up the pastor representing Ben talking to the author. I really like how smoothly you guys build on top of each other's idea without necessarily interrupting one another.