The Berlin Airlift (Zack Hersh and Lauren Hummel)

Our topic of US occupation was the Berlin Airlift, or Allied occupation of Germany after World War II. We decided to focus on this topic because I'm interested in WWII history and this aspect of it was something I hadn't learned about before.

Comments (2)

Saul Salas (Student 2016)
Saul Salas

ooooo I really like how you explained the entire history on one infograph, and the pictures that helped explained many of the things without over doing it. Pretty, this is my game of the year!

August Polite (Student 2016)
August Polite

I really enjoyed this infographic, it was not only well laid out but helped me understand a topic that I admittedly knew not much about. The text blocks were a little bit intimidating, but I think there were enough images sprinkled throughout that it did not cause a real issue.