The Berlin Airlift Infographic

This infographic is on the Berlin Airlift and some of the events leading up to it. After World War II, the Allies, America, France, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, spilt Germany into four pieces for each Ally and the capital of Berlin was also divided into four, even though it was deep in the Soviet territory. The Soviet Union cut off Berlin from the outside and so other three the Allies started the Berlin Airlift to give supplies to their sections. The infographic gives more details about this all. 
I chose this topic because World War II is the most interesting part of history to me and this gave me a good idea and new information about what happened afterwards. 

Comments (3)

Nicholas Lepera (Student 2016)
Nicholas Lepera

Very nice info graphic. I am glad you included the how and why of the event you studied, as well as the when and where. It is an 8/10, you could improve by speaking more about the tensions between the US and USSR a bit more that could include the spying and assassinations that this tension caused.

Michaela Prell (Student 2016)
Michaela Prell

This infographic told me a lot. I like that you gave some background on what happened before the even you focused on. It was almost like a story that lead me through the Berlin Airlift. I thought that your use of the maps and a graph was a very helpful visual.

Jiwon Choi (Student 2016)
Jiwon Choi

I really liked the maps because they helped indicate who were involved, and they let me see what exactly was going on in a certain place. I noticed that you had a lot of visuals and a lot of text to explain what the visual indicated. Really nice infographic, I love it :)