The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison: The Eye Openers - Vivian, Tyreek, Jakob, Doniesha

In this podcast, we identified sections of the book that we wanted to discuss the literal and figurative meanings of the first two sections that we read. We found that there were certain themes that we wanted to highlight. The literal meanings behind youth of the main characters who are children and its impact on their overall beings through their parents. Going into the literal actions the mother takes on and digging deeper into why she treats her children they way she does. The figurative parts that we wanted to focus on was a violence and analyzing the actions that are happening and what’s the real and deeper meaning.

We still ask ourselves this question as we continue reading: “Why blue eyes? Why is this important?”

Also: Two of our members were absent this day.

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John Sugrue (Student 2019)
John Sugrue

I've understood that this book has a lot to do with race and being raised to hate what you are - it very much seems like the main character hates her blackness

I like your use of quotes - it's unique, and strengthens your argument. I'm excited for the next podcast - I think it'll be even better with all 4 of your group members there in person - having two of them not physically there was a bit tough.

Amelia Benamara (Student 2019)
Amelia Benamara

I think this podcast is very well includes your personal connections to the main character’s experiences with their parents. Also, I enjoyed the Questions you guys asked yourselves which brought the listener’s attention.

Eric Valenti (Student 2019)
Eric Valenti

From this listening to this podcast I was able to gain a bit of information on the book's characters and their relationships. The information given about the plot was helpful but I wish there was more analysis of the book in its entirety. Overall the podcast was really strong and well thought out.

Alexandrea Rivera (Student 2019)
Alexandrea Rivera

I liked how you guys brought up certain themes within the book and voicing your opinions. I feel like it could have felt more like a conversation because of only having two people. There was a reoccurring theme of difference and wanting something else, I liked how this was brought up within the podcast.

I think it was very smart to add in the overall summary of the book so that the listener can jump right in and not have had to read the book and throughout listening to this podcast they can have a little taste but not too much and decide if this book is the book for them.

Marcin Czapla (Student 2019)
Marcin Czapla

1) I learned the main character wishes she had different characteristics such as blue eyes of a lighter complexion in order to be treated differently. Differently being better in this case. Gender roles are a major theme discussed in the book as well. Violence is also found in most scenes of the book, especially between people in relationships. A question is brought up of what the benefits of staying with an abusive partner are. 2) I found it really helpful how when they were discussing a major theme in the book before they got into their analysis they gave an example of a scene with the theme present. The scenes were also described with great detail. I found the points of conversation very interesting as well.

Messele Asfaw (Student 2019)
Messele Asfaw
  1. What essential knowledge have you gained?

The little preface by Tyreek and Vivian that included a summary of the first chapter was very helpful. Don't think I would've figured what was happening without it. I did like the topics you guys chose to talk about because it gave me a little bit of insight on

  1. What did you enjoy about the podcast? The value of hard work was discussed and was an important theme in the book, and I'm glad that you guys touched up on it because it isn't a topic that we're told to talk about in English classes. It was kind of weird how there were only 2 people in the podcast talking tho.