The color Purple- Episode 2- Mindy, Aysha, Alan, Autumn, and Sharron

The Purple Table Talk The names of the group members Aysha Siddiquee, Mindy Saw, Autumn, Sharron Norton, and Alan Chen

Episode 2- Purple Table Talk 2

In this episode of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple we were focused on shedding light on Nettie’s journey and the way that comes about and the changes that were made throughout the beginning and how it comes about especially the way that through her journey the different lenses especially the feminist lens. We dived into the Marxist and Historical to discuss the impact of setting on Nettie especially.

A list of the evidence used (with page numbers) for listeners to locate as desired ( Pg. 121, 170, 179 ) - the letters from Nettie to Celie.

179- Shug’s encounters with Albert explained

Comments (10)

Lei Zheng (Student 2019)
Lei Zheng

I like this book, you talked about the book and the role from the perspective of feminism. Great, I have been completely attracted to this book!

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

Better job on the audio! I feel that this podcast was an improvement in all the ways. I feel that Y'all were more detail and fun. Y'all said page numbers and had conversations on the topics. I love the conversation about Sofia and prison. I feel that Sofia was an important character in the book. You reminded me how Sofia was forced to work for a white woman even it was the one thing that she doesn't want to do.

Kwan Hopkins (Student 2019)
Kwan Hopkins

The Color Purple is really one of my favorite pieces of literature. This podcast does the book justice and I think you all do a very good job talking about the characters, their motivations, and their actions.

Meeghan Kersten (Student 2019)
Meeghan Kersten

I like the different ways you talk about the feminist lens. It gives you a view of the book and what it is about. It is also nice how you talk about the different characters and name them so we can get an idea of who they are

Emily Pugliese (Student 2019)
Emily Pugliese

I like that you guys made it clear on what you were going to discuss in the episode. I think that is very important so viewers can understand what they are listening to and have a better understanding on what the episode is about. You all speak loud and clear and you keep the convo going keeping it intresting. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. Thank you :)