The Double Minded Man Macbeth: Sean DeSilva and Jason Lam!

For our project, we decided to do a playbill! The main reason why was because we felt that we were able to express our idea easily with a simple picture and a quote! We wanted the audience who read our play bill to fully understand the inspiration of Macbeth and how it affected the way we read Shakespeare. Macbeth was a hero and he turned into someone we didn't know as he was influenced by many thing and people. Lady Macbeth influenced him into killing King Duncan for power. The witches influenced Macbeth with their prophecies and that made Macbeth want to have power and rule. My partner and I wanted to include information on the killing scene and how Macbeth transformed from this amazing, brave hero to this confused tyrant! Jason Lam wanted to include include the information of the Macbeth's transformation here!

For the actual design on how Macbeth will look like on the Play Bill, we wanted to have a tear going down from his left eye which is a tear of blood. This resembles how Macbeth had killed many human being but he still has sympathy and compasion for the ones he didn't want to kill but was forced to. A good example of this would be King Duncan. We wanted to center out the design of Macbeth;s portrait from head to shoulder. The reason being is because we wanted that to be the main attraction and show how Macbeth stands. We decided to include Macbeth holding a dagger, but then we turned that into Macbeth's hands being bloody. Thus showing the audience that Macbeth is in fact  a killer!

As you can see here this is our FINAL PRODUCT LINK:

We have the process and how Macbeth finally came to be! We wanted to get a general idea on how he should be placed and the physical features he should contain. After we had thought of the general placement and physical feature idea, I decided to experiment on what he should be wearing. I wanted him to wear royal knight gear, with his crown on-top of his head. This shows that he is ready to fight with the "royal might" he has left. With the hair style I wanted to make him have a old fashion, clean and noticeable hair style. This shows that this has taken place a long time ago since the outfits are not modern. With the color scheme, we wanted him to have a grey knight gear along with the black hair complementing his skin color which is peach. With the crown I included the two colors green and blue showing that those are gems on his crown along with the bloody tear which is obviously red. Macbeth's facial expression meant everything so I wanted to incorporate that in the center of the playbill. Showing his anger through a sorrowful tear. After we had covered that, I outlined everything with a pen to make sure that the outlines are what we want to focus on to add more texture. Then, we decided to include the quote "Will all Great Neptune’s oceans wash this blood clean from my hand?” in the background. This shows that he has bloody hands and he has regretted his decision and his corrupted mentally. Many decisions were made and many quotes were used to finally decide on our master piece!

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