The Final Stretch


Well here we are. We have reached the end of my project which means this is my last post. It was a crazy ride. This project took a lot, I learned that you should keep up with your deadlines for assignments because once it’s late it gets added to the 15 million other things you have to do and it becomes more difficult to find time to complete it. Well that’s enough reflection, now let’s talk my progress since my last post and my agent of change.

First lets look at past posts. For you faithful viewers you should remember my first blog post where I introduce my project and it’s purpose and importance. That post had the most information about my issue. If you are new or just want reread that post please click here . After that post I then posted a second post called Exercising The Public. In that post I showed you my results from survey and talked a little bit about obesity and who it affects.

This is post 3 where I tell you about my agent of change. For my agent of change I partnered up with my good friend Elijah Afrifa. For his You and The World project he wanted to promote parks so that they can build more in the communities that need them. For more info on his project click here. Together me and Elijah invited some kids from Science Leadership Academy to join us for a day at the park.20170607_161511.jpg

We went to Penn Park and played sports and other games that involved physical exercise. The activities included: Soccer, a Relay race, Skateboarding, and a game of tag. This was to show that exercise could be fun and going to parks can be fun too.


From the reviews I got from the participants they said they enjoyed themselves and would like to do this again. Honestly if I were to do this again I would change the park because we had to share it it with others who were there doing their own thing. I would aslo plan it better because it was kinda last minute and not a lot of people could come.

This shows that it’s not hard to get out there and exercise, you just need to find the time to do it. If you are still stuck on where to start with exercising look at this site. It has a ton of information and it gives workout routines to help you plan out workouts. If you choose to do any these plans you should do them consistently. I think I have another website like that one that also gives out ways to workout in my Annotated Bibliography.


Thank you for your faithful reading. I hope you took this to heart and decided to get you health and body on the right track if it wasn’t already. Till next time stay healthy.