The Innocent Man Review

Some books you read can be good or not good and sometimes you would judge it by its cover saying “its going to be bad” or “not even going to read it”. That was my first impression of “The Innocent Man” but I began to read it and I changed my mind on my opinion about the book. I like about the story about how injustice in a small town in Oklahoma was changed by one murder and how one person statement can change a case.

The book tells the story of Ron Williams and how this affected him and how bad injustice can get. The story starts with a very brutal and disgusting murder of a girl that had made a small peaceful town where people everywhere knew each other was turn into fear, anger and rage, as the town was wondering about who could have done the murder and what the outcomes could happen to the townspeople if the killer is not caught.

This book is mostly about how the investigation went down, how the police made few mistakes and what they did wrong.  Ron Williams, a former minor league baseball player from the Oakland Athletics and famous in the town is one of the suspects in the investigation. He had been seen at the bar where the woman was at hours before she was found dead and he also had a drinking problem. So that made him very interesting to the police because of that.

He was tried for murder but had trouble being tried.  He and his friend were found guilty of murder and both were given their death penalty. Ron Williams story is a different one than you think he was a star in his town before the murder he was a baseball star and got drafted by the Oakland Athletes and firsted started in Class-A and also played in Major League Baseball but never made his dream of being an all-star player or winning a world series. This book is show more on how the american justice system can make mistakes and how it affects people. also when reading the book I felt what America could have done with this murder case and how it changes one persons life and the people around them.

The case was done by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) to solve the case they were pressured to solve the case so they even used very little evidence to back up the case that never was part of Ron being guilty. there was very little to go on so they went on any lead they got to the case and they got very little from the leads only that it talked about Ron Williams and his friend. The case was filled with corruption and injustice and was tried unfairly and found an innocent man of murder.

The book had a few tricks in the pages its was a little hard to understand what was going on sometimes and sometimes it was not described well but still it showed how good the book is with photos of the trail and a lot of things. I thought that putting photos into a book helps to support describe about what the writer is trying to say. Also it is very describing about what's going on and about the scene, feel and smell. If you're a person who like very describing writing and visual photos in books then this is the book for you.

I read the book and I liked how they took this story about Ron and showed what happened and the injustice that happened. This book really shows how justice can be taken too far with no fair trial not enough evidence to back up the case or a witness to see the crime take place or DNA samples or blood samples. Even though the evidence was very week they were able to covent him of murder in the first degreg and sentenced to death and the thought what the OSBI could have done wrong did they convicted an innocent man. The book has very done a good job at getting the readers attention and keeps them interested in the book and keeping balance for both.

Overall I think the book the book is very good but some places in there are confusing but I would recommend this to people who like stories that target american justice system and what the effects can do of injustice to a person.