The Moralists Readers Podcast #1 - The First Breath of Life

Ailin Li, Darlenny Rodriguez, Maciej Pokora In this episode, 5 siblings from New York, Klara, Daniel, Varya, and Simon visit a psychic woman claiming to know the day that they all die. Once told this, there is a time jump to when their father dies. The siblings are all reunited in New York and we find out what they have all been doing in the last few years. Varya and Daniel have been in college while Klara and Simon are still finishing high school. Klara hopes to move to San Francisco to pursue her magician career, bringing Simon along with her, who is gay and is trying to find his identity in the world. “Because it would mean that Daniel was right. It would mean you have no plans that you can’t make a life for yourself, away from them. I would mean you’ve failed.” pg. 58 “Vaginas have never appealed to him: their cabbage-like folds, their long-hidden corridor. He craves the long thrust of the cock, its heady insistence, and the challenge of a body like his.” pg. “What the hell are you doing in San Francisco” - Daniel “You’re only 16-- a minor.” “You haven’t even finished high school.”


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Zoey Tweh (Student 2019)
Zoey Tweh

I like the explanation of the name of the group. The way the text is described is pretty enticing. I like the comparison to other media and the discussion of taboo topics. I like the historical context discussion and how that impacts the books impact on the audience.