The U.S Involvement during the India-Pakistan Conflict 

  The India-Pakistan conflict led to several different conflicts around the world where third parties wanted to intervene to either rescue one of the countries or to prevent a catastrophic event. Fighting over territory was one of the main causes in this on going conflict. With The U.S, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, China etc. I chose to do this topic because I was interested to in learning about India's connection to the United States. When I found that India had a conflict with neighboring country Pakistan and the United states and others were also involved in the conflict. I wanted to research more about it. 

Comments (6)

Michelle Friedman (Student 2016)
Michelle Friedman

I appreciate that you provide some background information about the countries before diving into information about the conflict. However, I still don't know why there was a conflict? Why were there tensions? What was the purpose of this involvement and why did the US support both sides. I like the format of the infographic with the path.

Kevin Le (Student 2016)
Kevin Le

The information was really helpful to learn and also your introduction. The infographic was really colorful and easy to read but the design and how you laid it out with information could have been adjusted a little.

Dylan McKeon (Student 2016)
Dylan McKeon

Great design and provides interesting information about the topic. I like the organization, however I noticed that some of the information like the population of both countries isn't highlighted very well or doesn't have the best representation.