The Ugly Truth on Abortion Control Acts - Taylor Green 2Fer

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Shamus Keough (Student 2019)
Shamus Keough

Your essay expanded my knowledge on abortion, I previously did not really know anything about abortion, but the research and stories you put in this were very interesting, and your essay was very convincing.

Weston Matthews (Student 2019)
Weston Matthews

I love this topic. However, I agree with Afi, I think a lot of it is informative rather than persuasive. I don't feel convinced of anything because there is no adamant stance that you are trying to get across. Even still, the writing and examples here are strong.

Lauryn Lewis (Student 2019)
Lauryn Lewis

The 2fer expanded my thoughts on how hard it is to actually get in abortion. Adding what actually made the government put this act into existence would make your argument a lot stronger.

Darlenny Rodriguez (Student 2019)
Darlenny Rodriguez

I appreciate the variety of evidence that you provided, but it could be better if you to dissect more the evidence you provided rather than jumping from one topic to the other. I like the point of view that you gave from the anonymous woman at the beginning, maybe go deeper into her quote. Otherwise, good job Taylor!

Sharron Norton (Student 2019)
Sharron Norton

This 2fer did not convince me of what you were trying to showcase. I feel you only included based on how the government sets high restrictions on a law that was feeling passed and how it makes you and another feel. To make this paper fairer you should add how sometimes these restrictions are actually helpful. How some women may abuse the law of abortion and just want to get rid of a baby for the sake of it. And how a lot of people use this as a scapegoat in a negative way.

Afi Koffi (Student 2019)
Afi Koffi

Truthfully, this didn't convince me. You could've convinced me if you expanded more on the idea that denying women the access to abortion leads to more dangerous outcomes. I also wish you would've spoken more about the link between breast cancer. Is there a link? If not, are they saying this purely to scare women into an alternative?