The Weather in Spanish by Betty Louis and Sophie Deoliveira

What you need to know:

1. the days of the week in spanish translated in English

2. How and when you will use them

3. How to remember them 

1) Esta lloviendo- Rainy
1137372-3-another-rainy-day[1]         Hace sol- Sunny

Esta Nublado- Cloudy


Esta Nevando- Snowy


Hace viento- Windy

2) You probably use these when/if a person ask you "¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?" (What's the weather like today?) then you would have to answer "Esta hace sol." (Its sunny)

3. A way to remember these things are to make up flash cards with them and practice remembering them each night that always works. 

Comments (2)

Mingxue Zheng (Student 2015)
Mingxue Zheng

I think you should be clear on number 2 when you say " then you would have to answer Esta hace sol" it means that you are telling the reader that he needs to say this sentence everytime someone ask him what the weather is and it can't always be sunny everyday. I know it is an example but some people can mistaken your meaning