The World As I See It: Technology

This project exists to publicize an issue of my choosing and also allow me to spread my opinion. 
I happily confess my belief that without machines life would be quite dismal. And with that sentiment floating in the back of my head, I have very mixed feelings about the advancement of those machines. Especially the ones that are being created to take the place of humans, because honestly, how can a person compete with something that performs perfectly, calculates perfectly, and never initiates a dispute?

The answer is, you can't. 

The phone apps, computer apps, and the internet serve their purpose by making stuff easier for their users - encouraging the mindset of 'why remember if I can look it up again'. Instead of daily sweeping there is the Roomba. For some, a plastic dog is more fun than a real one. The issue with all of this technology is that it is changing the way we think, in a big way: People are relying on these machines to do things they can't, won't, or don't know how to do. This is important to me because I don't want to live this way, and the future is likely to be even more intense.

In Japan there is a robot called SAYA who used to 'work' as a receptionist. Recently, "she" acted as a teacher for a group of middle schoolers. Her producers assure the public that she won't be bumping any teachers off of their jobs, but then the question is now why was she made? To digress a bit, robotics is advancing along two paths: artificial intelligence and physical movement and appearance. A lot of research goes into making machines that look and move like humans. For the most part, these eerie metal homunculi can only move with a remote control. 

This is Ecci, a robot with highly advanced mobility. However, the real wonder is the program that allows it to make rudimentary connections.  
The progression of artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is incredibly complicated. We humans are striving to give intelligence to our machines, constantly make them more efficient, and possibly more like us. That is why ethical questions must be answered - otherwise we won't be able to coexist with our creations.

How far will are we willing to take it? Does the ability to make decisions constitute person-hood? What about personality?

 But when each person has their own interpretation it is almost like out species is going backwards. 
Organic brain and computer circuitry: a controversial marriage.
Alaina Silverman, Science Leadership Academy student
My sources can be found HERE for further reading. 

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