Tiger Talk: Slaying the White Tiger

The debut novel by Indian author Aravind Adiga, the White Tiger is a Picaresque novel imbued with a dark humorous tone that helps in the telling of the story of Balram Halwai, a village boy who navigates India’s class struggle in a globalized world.

In the first episode of Tiger Talk, we discuss the literal and figurative meaning of the prominent theme of lightness vs darkness present in the novel, alongside other narrative symbols that we’ve encountered throughout reading. An unexpected winner and loser of the section we’ve read comes in the form of not characters, but ideologies. The group presents corrpuption as its winner while justice and good morals being the losers.

Tune in to our dynamic group taking down the White Tiger one section at a time, with renowned English students Peter Keo, Michal Czapla, Indiya Johnson, Miranda Sosa and Jacob Prunes serving as the hosts.

Comments (4)

Elijah Lerner (Student 2021)
Elijah Lerner

Good transitions from topic to topic (speaking of, also). Dead air was minimal and each topic had everyone contributing. Each conversation concerned symbolism and a deeper reading of the book

Tayah Brunson (Student 2021)
Tayah Brunson

It was nice how with every question that was opened up to the group it allowed for another layer of the reading to be unveiled and discussed. It was very clean and each topic was discussed thoroughly and not skipped over or cut short.