Opoku's Science Fiction Benchmark (g00d)- Google Docs

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Jamal Hampton (Student 2018)
Jamal Hampton

The beginning of the story had very great hook. At first it seemed boring but the climax between the main character and their relationship with their parents at home was suspenseful.

Hadleigh Stammers (Student 2018)
Hadleigh Stammers

I really like the concept of escaping her world when she becomes unconscious. That's a really cool sci-fi element that is included throughout the entire story. Reading your story makes me wonder what will happen to her in the future and if she will decide to end her life or continue making herself unconscious.

Mekhi Friend (Student 2018)
Mekhi Friend

I see exactly what you did there with the fainting part. I like the way you set the main character in a world that she doesn't like and her only escape is another world which is the sci fi element. You're straight to the point however descriptive.