Veronica Nocella- Media Fluency

At first, I thought creating a slide that easily depicts who I am would be easy. It shouldn't be too difficult just listing my interests and finding images to depict them, right? That was actually my first idea, though if I were to follow through with that, it wouldn't be visually captivating. 
So, I decided to find one thing that I think represents who I am the most, which is music. Music has been very much apart of my life ever since I was a child, and it's something that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life. My father always played his guitar around me, and my uncle always took me to classical concerts. 
I wrote the word "music" in a large font, in order to draw attention to it. I've also attempted the rule of thirds by adding a picture as well as a brief saying. I tried to create this slide in such a way so that you'd really only have to glance at it once to know the purpose of it. Not too much information; just enough to catch the eye. I've only stuck to a black and white color scheme.

Media Fluency slide


The only changes I made visually to the slide is making the word "music" and the picture slightly larger to make up for the extra, unnecessary space. From creating this slide and watching my classmates present their slides, I've learned about the possible mistakes I could make, as well as the minor things that could make a slide more visually appealing. 

Veronica Nocella Slide- Revised

Comments (5)

Jacklyn Middleswarth (Student 2016)
Jacklyn Middleswarth

I notice that the font is bigger, but the words at the bottom are a little small and it's not really noticeable. The first thing I notice is the picture because it's centered and big. I wonder how noticeable this slide would look if the picture bled off the page and if there words had color. What if the font was even bigger and if you deleted the wording at the bottom.

Raz Reed (Student 2016)
Raz Reed

I notice you made yours very simple with an attractive color scheme of black and white. I wonder if you could have made the image a bit bigger? It's hard to read the text on the bottom. I actually can't think of a "what if" question, I thought the slide was designed very well. :)