Water For Elephants Podcast #2

Uptop Books - Naima DeBrest, Kyianna Thomas, Lauren Matthews

Episode 2: Literary Lenses

The book that we are reading is Water for Elephant by Sara Gruen. During this episode, we will be discussing the relationships and correlations between the characters looking through the literary lenses. Each lens talks about things reflecting on the time period of the book in the 1930s and as well as the social classes between characters. For this podcast, we will be talking about pages 81-275.

“August, wait! Where are you going? I’m going to teach her a lesson,” he says without stopping. But August!” I shout after him. Wait! She was good! She came back of her own accord. Besides, you can’t do anything now. The show is still going! He stops so abruptly a cloud of dust temporarily obscures his feet. He stands absolutely still, staring at the ground. After a long while, he speaks. Good. The band will drown out the noise.” I stare after him, my mouth open in horror. -Page 170, Chapter 12

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Lauren Brown (Student 2019)
Lauren Brown

You guys provided some really good information and analysis in this podcast. It flowed very nicely and was interesting to listen to. Some things were a little bit confusing out of context but it made me consider reading the book. Hate animal abuse :(