What I learned on Google Presentation.

My presentation is a great way to show how I learned to use good presentation, or as I like to call Prezi. The video influenced me to make a slideshow and follow exactly what she did for her prezi, since it looked cool. In my slide show i learned how to change my background for my slides without using a theme. First you save a photo as a pdf file. Then you go to the top of prezi where it says background, and you hit upload photo. You then you pick the photo you want, and hit apply all, then done. I have also learned to make animations for the photos or word boxes i put on my slides. First you click on the photo or word box and go to the top of the page and click view, the scroll down to animations. It will pop up on the side and you hit add animation. There are a variety of choices to pick from. You can pick more than one. To do that under your first animation it still says add animation. You click on that again and pick once more. For example, the first thing you made your photo do was fly in, now you can make it spin after it flys in. Also if you don't like the font or color of your text you can click on the text box and at the top Arial with and arrow will be there. Click on that and pick the font of your text. To change the color just highlight the words and go to the thing at the top that has the letter A with a line under it, and choose your color. If you dont like your slide you can just click on it and hit the backspace button on your computer. To add a slide go to insert and hit new slide. To duplicate go to edit and hit duplicate, your slide theme will be repeated. To play your slide show go to the top right corner of the page where it says presentation with the play button, and click on it. The screen will be full screen and just hit the enter button to continue watching the slide.