You and the World Blog Post #1

My name is Dylan Long and I am part of the freshman English class at Science Leadership Academy.

For our final quarter project, we were designated to choose a world issue, develop a passion for researching and gathering information about said issue, convey that knowledge to others, and seek to educate ourselves and others about said issue.

For my project, I chose the world issue of gay marriage. Gay marriage is a very biased and argued topic. It is rejected by the majority of society.

It is such a heated and discussed topic because religion and politics play an enormous role in the issue. Many religions find homosexuality to be a sin, and do not accept it by any means.

Others who do not see being gay as something bad (whether they are religious or not) believe that every human being deserves to be happy, and that love is love, no matter the gender.

I fully support gay marriage because I believe every human deserves to be able to pursue happiness and experience love, regardless of gender.

A more close and dear reason for my support of homosexuality is that one of my closest family friends, George (who was my little sister’s Godfather) who was openly gay and in a relationship with another man. George passed away from cancer.

When George passed, his partner, Chris, was devastated, as were my entire family and I. When George died, I took it upon myself as my duty to fully and openly support all forms of relationships between same sex couples.

The main issue I am researching is gay marriage in the United States. The majority of the states in the U.S. do not approve of gay marriage. Only 8 of 50 states have legalized gay marriage, while 30 states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage.

There have been amendments that have been presented in recent years that were aimed directly towards eradicating gay marriage once and for all in the United States.

The Marriage Protection Amendment was an amendment that if it had passed, would have confined unions of any type (including marriage), only if said unions were comprised of one man and one woman.

Very recently, North Carolina passed an amendment to their state constitution that will enforce that "Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State."

Since marriage is already banned in North Carolina, this amendment bans literally all forms of relationships between same-sex couples. It is evident that the majority of America opposes gay marriage.

The support for gay marriage among major political figures has been strongly among democrats.

The two presidents who have openly supported gay marriage (Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton) were both democrats, as are 13 of 14 current governors that support gay

However very recently the current president, Barack Obama, made a very bold move and came out in favor of same-sex marriage.

Obama’s bold statements have sparked an international discussion over same-sex marriage.

His excuses for not initially coming out in favor of gay marriage are: he believed that a civil union would suffice, also if he came out in favor of it he would get too much criticism, considering homosexuality is disapproved of so harshly in the U.S.

Those who view gay marriage as something wrong or a sin are retaliating with reiterating their belief that marriage should only be between one man and one woman.

Those who have the more humane approach to the situation are favoring his decision to come out in favor, saying it is a great move forward in the fight for same-sex marriage.

In addition to the newly passed amendment in North Carolina, Obama’s statements have pushed the debate over gay marriage into a full forced discussion, as it has exploded all over the news media.

On May 10, 2012, gay marriage was the topic of the front page article on CNN’s website, in addition to a side section titled “Same-Sex Marriage”, offering many other links to the international discussion that has now unfolded, as seen here:

(Front page of CNN showing the links of stories being reported over gay marriage)

Thus far, I am questioning the legitimacy of the cons of gay marriage. The majority of the research is either debatable, biased, or false.

As my research progresses throughout the project, I wish to learn more about the theories of how gay marriage would negatively impact the United States. I wish to learn more about this because I am very skeptical towards gay marriage having a harsh impact on the U.S.

To see my bibliography, click here

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Zoe Siswick (Administrator)
Zoe Siswick

This is an interesting and informative blog entry on gay marriage. You did a great job of sharing your research while also sharing your personal feelings and connections to this issue. I am interested to see your additional writing on this issue.

Liza Cohen (Student 2015)
Liza Cohen

I noticed that you have a lot of good information on your blog. You have a lot of proof of how important this issue is.

I wonder if you could of saved some of this information for the next blog post. I say this because maybe a lot of information at once could be overwhelming.

What if you added your voice more in this blog post? You could of had half the information you gave, with opinion and perspective. Then, saved the other information for the next blog post.

All in all, I am in love with this topic and your blog is appealing to read!