You and the World Blog Post #3

This is my third and final blog post. Throughout my first and second posts, I addressed the issue of gay marriage. The goal was to educate both myself and others about the topic. Now, it is time to take a step forward in terms of change.

Many groups have been formed to help educate their communities about the issue, including one in my school (the Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA for short).

Community members have written letters to their governors to educate the governors on why they should legalize gay marriage.

Recently, the daughter of Raul Castro (Mariela Castro, a sexologist) helped organize a gay rights march, and Raul Castro openly supported the march.

I have chosen to bring awareness to the topic of homosexuality in general by giving out 5” by 4” stickers with a design titled “I support gay rights.”

This design will be placed onto a 5” by 4” rectangular sticker and given out to students in SLA.

My dad has been working in the printing business for more than twenty years, and has helped me out with school projects in the past.

I made the design for the sticker and sent it to my dad. He printed 100 stickers with that design on it, and I handed them out to students at my school.

Prior to handing them out, I had very high expectations about how the students would run with the idea and the materials.

The students put them on many of their belongings, like their laptop cases, backpacks, even books and binders.

I think the stickers were a great success. So do other people. I talked to some of my friends about the idea of having the “I support gay rights” sticker, and here is one of my friends said about the idea:

“I think the stickers were a great idea. Publicly displaying your support for gay rights could help relieve a gay person of their stress, because they know that someone supports them.” - Ray Albarouki, SLA 9th Grader.

To conclude my blog, I would like to thank my english teacher, Ms. Dunn, for helping me out tons with my blog posts, our student assistant teacher Emma Hersh for giving me lots of great advice to enhance my blogs, and my dad for helping me print out my stickers.

I’d also like to thank you the readers for taking the time to educate yourself with the research that I have uncovered. Thank you so much. To see where I got all of my research, my bibliography is here. All three blog posts are included in the bibliography.

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