Zeshawn Rahman ☪

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I learned that my previous font was hard to read, and didn't fit with the overall design. I also learned that the colors did not contrast well, and my quote was too long. I revised my slide, and tried to make colors and shapes match. To do this I added a green hue over the picture to help distinguish the text. I also used rule of thirds from top to bottom making the text, the kaaba, and the crowd. The white in crowd matched with text as well.

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Ameena Atif (Student 2017)
Ameena Atif

I noticed that you changed the background picture. The last picture had good qualities as well as this one. I wonder what what made you change it? Was it because the quote didn't really work well with it? For the new slide I would change the writing. The words "and" and "Honesty" blend too much into the background.
Overall I think this slide is a good improvement.

Lewis Ford (Student 2017)
Lewis Ford

I notice that you kept in mind that we said you had conflicting colors on your slide, so you went conservative. I wonder how your project would look if you had brighter colors. What if you did a slide focused on Allah.