Alienation of the Elderly Pt. 2

For this second blog post, I gathered information based off of the real world. I looked at a care facility near me. I was able to gather data in how well people outside our monitored. I think there are grounds for concern that relate to my issue to be found here. In the past there have been some incidents and trouble caused by some of the people there. (Urination in incorrect places, trespassing etc.) There are many people there who are perfectly sane and fine, however there are others who have been reported to cause trouble due to some mental issues. This is no fault of those living there, but in fact fault those who should be monitoring people who need supervision.

I did some observation on how many staff there were versus how many clients outside of the building at certain given time periods of the day. I was not surprised and found it quite fathomable that someone without the best grip on reality could wander off and put themselves or other people in danger. This is somewhat disheartening. 

I did less overall research in this round of researching. I tried to focus more on what the average care facility looks like. I wanted to be able to relate my research to the actual life scenario that I had seen. In order to say that something doesn't look right, you need to have a pretty good idea of what that thing is meant to look like in its best form. The research that I did from looking online and reading books, of a personal care facility in its best state, did not seem to describe the one that I monitored when doing my real world research. This means that there have been things going wrong on one side of the research, and I place a fair amount of faith in those who are choosing what the standard for personal care should look like.

Obviously this is an issue that requires some addressing, otherwise I would not have chosen this topic. To me, it really is something that takes priority over some of the other issues. It seems all too likely that someone will accidentally prematurely end their own life due to them not being looked after well enough by people who's job it is to do this. The issue now becomes what we can possibly do to remedy this issue. To find that, we need to know the specifics of the problem. There are a few possibilities on why some personal care facilities have issues like this. I am sure that the root of the issue differs throughout each facility, and that is one of the things that makes issues like this difficult to solve with one thorough strike. Some issues need to be addressed on a very individual and personal basis in order to ensure the best results and lack of waste in resources. This issue is most certainly one of the above. 

I still wonder about ways that this issue can be addressed. I also wonder what it would be like to live in one of these places. I think that for my third blog post I want to do something that provides entertainment for people in a home. I am thinking about  playing music for people in a home. Whatever I end up doing, I hope that I can make a difference in some way.

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Jasmin Gilliam (Student 2016)
Jasmin Gilliam

I think this topic is very interesting but i believe that you can elaborate on the topic a bit more and give us something more to look forward to. Also your hyperlinks i think should be one or two words. Awesome info thanks!