American Focus on WWII

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.56.05 AM
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.56.05 AM
In this info graphic I analyzed the economics of WWII, and how America's focus on the war differed drastically in comparison to other nations.  This war was an important part in American history during a time where isolationism garnered much support.  The effects of the war immediately damaged many economies, dealt a major blow to human life, as well as property damage. However, within the United States this war resulted in an economic boom that allowed America to exit the economic depression it had been in since the 30's. It also gave various settlements in lump sums of money to countries affected. Another result was the independence of many once occupied nations and areas. Areas such as Poland, France, and others were liberated or freed entirely, and Japanese forces in China were forced to withdraw.

The image must be magnified on your part. I am sorry.

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Esperanza Gonzalez (Student 2016)
Esperanza Gonzalez

Hey! I really like the selection of the cool colors. I think that you should've summarized the words on the bottom of the page. I think too many words distract the reader and automatically want to skip over them. However, I really liked the graphs you showed. Very interesting. :)

Lauren Hummel (Student 2016)
Lauren Hummel

Your infographic was very informative and well formatted, however, I do notice that it is very wordy and does not have as many images as I prefer in an infographic. I do find it interesting that America spent the most money out of all of the other countries on World War II, when they did not get involved until at least 2 years later.

Joshua Berg (Student 2016)
Joshua Berg

Even when magnified I couldn't read the text. Even if I could have, there was way too much. You had a lot of info, just not enough graphic. What graphic content you do have looks nice though.