Animal Adoption Post for Change

   Animal adoption is something that any pet owner or lover should do. Even if you can’t own a pet you can still go to your local animal shelter and get a job or volunteer, or donate money. (to learn more about donating click here. When you volunteer you can be a dog walker, someone that cleans after the animals, and other things. (to learn more about volunteering click here 


  My family has about 10 rescued cats. The cats we have/had were all strays. Most of them came out of our back yard, we stared feeding them then we just decided to keep them. It something that my family has done for a long time. So when we even consider getting a pet we always think about saving one rather than buying one. Sadly some of the cats we take in get sick and have to be put down, we know that there is always another we can save.


  If you ever consider get a pet you should think about how you can get a pet and save a life. Just go to your local animal shelter, or there web site and see if they have what your looking for. Even if they don’t have what your looking for you should try giving another type of animal a chance. These animals are just looking for a family that will take care of them. They aren’t picky.


   My plan to get people to help is to just get the word out. I have recently posted posters around my school asking people to get involved. The smallest steps can make a big affect. Even if people just know not to buy pets and adopt that all they need. My plan out of these three blogs was too make sure they know that animals need a loving home, and they can be the ones to give it.


In order to see the positive change in this issues I can visit here to see how many animals have been saved. Right now Philadelphia Animals shelter is in 45th place out of 50. I hope to see an increase because the shelter with the most animals saved win 100,000 dollars.  


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 To learn more ways to get involved click here. 
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.32.49 PM
Screen Shot 2012-05-31 at 12.32.49 PM

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Aaron Tang (Student 2015)
Aaron Tang

I agree with you because many animals are put down to sleep because the shelter don't have a lot of space or they can't do anything about the disease. I like the poster because we learned about the warm text over the black. It gives people to want to read your poster.