Children of the Night Episode 2


Children of the Night Episode 2

Amado, Ethan, Aden, and Shilo

The Women in Dracula

In this episode we focused on the role women play within the novel. We compared the men’s actions to that of the women’s actions within the book. We spoke a lot about Mina’s influences on the books plot and other characters and compared her personality to that of other women’s throughout the book, such as, Lucy. We also speak on the seductive, sexy, and erotic actions of the vampire women and why they are portrayed the way they are.


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Comments (8)

Jayla Wright (Student 2019)
Jayla Wright

I liked how you compared how women in the book are written to how you guys expect for them to be written now. I also like that you guys mention a character who’s written almost as a feminist if it weren’t for the author’s male gaze affecting how well she’s written.

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

Like always, great job with the background music. I liked how you related the movie with the book because I have seen the movie and could understand how the book was different from the movie. I show how the author intent was the topic for the meeting. You talked about the history of Bram Stoker and how the modern version of vampires was caused by Dracula. I don't know that. Dracula was written in letters and it was interesting to hear Y'all pov on that.

Taylor Green (Student 2019)
Taylor Green

I love your intro music it's so cute. I like how you guys talk about the feminist lens and how although the book is kinda progressive for the time period that it is written in, it's written as if it's only intended for the male gaze. I like that you guys talk about the role that the women play as well.

Ayala Silverman (Student 2019)
Ayala Silverman

Everybody clearly had a lot of knowledge and knew what they were talking about. Your connections and comments on the book were interesting. The subtle humor was really nice.