Claire Powell Capstone

What inspires me as a dancer? When coming up with an idea for this project, I wanted to dive into my passions. One passion of mine is dance. This film showcases my emotional journey through dance, while I also incorporate the history of dance to what we do now. I wanted to film my performances along with a summary of styles and techniques. I believe this will be important when watching my film because it will give a deeper understanding of why I choose to do this. This is a compelling project because it is something that I have dedicated so much of my life to. I have taken so much time out of my teenage years to perform and learn and I want to express that with other people. It is more than a sport, it is an evolution that has developed for years to come and is still changing as I type. I want to not only showcase my ability, but also the dedication and hard work that goes into something this difficult but beautiful.

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